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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Hyundai Leasing

So you're not the type that wants to be stuck behind the wheel of the same old sedan, truck, or SUV for the next decade or more. Is the idea of getting in the same cabin that seems to get shaggier with age to take the same commute to the same job day after day something you never want to become real? Then perhaps leasing is for you.

Variety is the spice of life, and if there's anything about the car shopping process that exemplifies this mentality the best, it's leasing. By taking the route of the lessee, Salem OR, Keizer, and Woodburn drivers can constantly engage with the latest and greatest in automotive innovations from Hyundai, experiencing everything from the Elantra to the Kona, and eventually the Palisade in just a matter of a few years.

Here's everything you need to know about leasing a Hyundai.

What is leasing?

While most drivers around McMinnville and Albany OR tend to shop for cars to own, leasing is becoming an increasingly more popular option for those who prefer to dabble. Leasing a car is quite like renting an apartment; you make payments on the vehicle and drive it as if it were your own for a designated amount of time.

Why should I lease a Hyundai instead of just buying one?

There are multiple advantages to getting a Hyundai lease rather than taking out a loan.

  • Monthly payments are cheaper.
  • You'll constantly have the latest tech and safety features at your fingertips.
  • Lower monthly payments also mean lower total money out of pocket in the same time frame.
  • Leasing new vehicles (likely) means you will be saving tons of money on repair costs.
  • You'll be saving money on taxes since you are only paying for the vehicle while you use it rather than as a whole.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to leasing?

There can be; it depends on your lease. Typically, you can expect to have stipulations on things like the number of miles you can drive as well as the condition that you return the car in. You can't lease a brand new car, run it into the ground and expect to walk away scot-free.

Are there any penalties for terminating a lease early?

Yes. When you sign a lease, you are expected to see it through to completion. Like an apartment, if you choose to get out of a lease early, there will be charges associated with doing so.

What happens when my Hyundai lease ends?

When your lease is over, one of two things will happen. Typically, most lessees, provided there is nothing wrong with the vehicle they return, hand over the keys, fill out some paperwork, and head on their way. While this is certainly an option, it does leave you without a vehicle, which doesn't do you much good. From here, you can enter another lease on a new vehicle, or if you've developed an attachment to your leased vehicle, you have the option to buy it.

Can I buy my leased vehicle if I decide not to enter a new lease?

Yes, you can buy your vehicle at the end of your lease if you so choose. Pricing is quite simple; what you owe is whatever you haven't already paid off when you drove the car off the lot when it was new.

Can leasing a Hyundai vehicle help boost my credit score?

The short and simple answer is, yes it can. In fact, successive lease completions can have a huge boost on your credit score, which can in turn be leveraged to get a loan either on a vehicle, or something even bigger such as a home.