How Often to Change Brake Fluid
Are you wondering, “How often does brake fluid need to be changed?” Withnell Hyundai can help! It varies depending on your make and model, but most models should be changed between 20,000-45,000 miles or every two years. Check your owner’s manual for the exact timeframe you should use to change your brake fluid. If you drive in extreme hot or cold conditions, you may have to change your brake fluid sooner.
Keeping up with brake fluid maintenance is important as a brake fluid change can cost 100 dollars, whereas issues that result from neglecting maintenance can cost upward of hundreds of dollars. Contact us for more information on service tips and tricks. 
Why Do I Need Brake Fluid?
Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that works to lubricate your brakes. Keeping your brakes lubricated is essential to making sure your OEM brakes last as long as possible and keeps them from corrosion. Your brake fluid helps with the movement of the pedal, so taking care that your brake fluid levels are where it should be is a safety as well as a maintenance one. When it’s time to replace brakes, you can order new OEM parts through our service center.
How Do I Check My Brake Fluid?
Now that you know “how often to change brake fluid,” let’s discuss checking your brake fluid. When you first bring your vehicle home to Mcminnville, your brake fluid is a yellowish color. As your vehicle ages, it will turn amber, and when it’s time to change your brake fluid, it will be a dark brown or black. If your brake fluid looks like it’s ready to be changed, follow the steps below: 
Open the hood of your Hyundai and look for the master cylinder to find your brake fluid reservoir. If you can’t find it, your Hyundai owner’s manual will tell you everything you need to know. 
When you find it, check the minimum and maximum lines. Your brake fluid should fall in between the lines. If it’s running low, top it off. 
Check the color of your brake fluid. If it’s black and oily, it’s time for a replacement. 
Our service team is here to help you get your brake fluid properly changed. Schedule an appointment today!
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